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Deep Steam Cleaning Explained

Our Sapphire scientific 370ss Truckmounted machine provides hot, high pressure water & Suction through hoses to our various tools that we use to deep steam clean stairs & carpets.

370ss png.png

First we pre vacuum the area to remove any dry soil. Eco friendly (children and pet safe) professional cleaning solutions are then pre sprayed onto the entire surface, Next a pre-scrub is done to agitate the fibers of the carpet.

finnaly we steam clean the carpets using our titanum wands to clean/rinse and dry the carpets simultaneously.

With the amount of lift we get from the vacuum blower on the 370ss we are able to take away 90% of the moisture leaving the carpets lightly damp never wet.

stair tool PNG.png

Stair tools

Carpet wands.png

Large titanium carpet wand

small stair tool.png
small carpet wand.png

Small Carpet wand

RotoVac 360i


We use Corner Gaurds and shoe covers!

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