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Air Duct Cleaning process
Hypervac Technologies (Push Pull Method)

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  1. Furnace is shut down and set up including the use of corner gaurds and shoe covers begins

  2. Old furnace filter is removed and replaced with stopper and zone bags/Mats to ensure no dust is blown back into the furnace

  3. 8" holes are then cut into the main supply air trunk line as well as the cold air return closest to the furnace

  4. Our 5000 CFM portable negative air machine is then attached to the supply air trunkline using the 8" hole

  5. All registers and cold air returns are then sealed off to ensure negative pressure is achived

  6. The 175psi Truckmounted air compressor is then used with the Cobra Veiw duct cleaning camera getting a veiw inside and pushing the dust and debris from each register down towards the negitive air machine ensuring nothing is left behind

  7. 1" holes are then cut into the main trunkline to insert the camera and air whips to then push the rest of the dust and debris into the catch bag of the portable unit.

  8. prosess is repeted for the cold air return

  9. (Optional) ULV fogger is then used with an all natural deodorizer/disenfectant "Benefect decon 30" to help eleminate odor causing bacteria that may be hiding inside the duct work

  10. every hole is then sealed using top grade patches and plugs along with foil tape and screws

  11. new furnace filter is then inserted and Hvac System is turned back on

  12. clean up is the last major step ensuring nothing is left behind

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Hypervac's 3 layers of filters ensure hospital grade air is returned into the home

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